Bookkeeping Services

On average, a small business owner will spend just over 14 days keeping their company’s books in order each year. To put it another way, you’re wasting time that could be used to win new business, fulfil orders or even for a holiday with your family.

Yes, keeping your books in order is a real pain – but it doesn’t need to be!

Countable Accountancy will track everything as part of our monthly service, and our prices start at just £25 per month.

What we’ll do

Simply send us your paperwork through our dedicated app or via freepost and we’ll:

  • Record all of your business’s transactions.
  • Produce your monthly accounts and year end accounts.

What you can send us

Simply send us these and we’ll keep a track of your finances:

  • Sales invoices and records of income
  • Purchase invoices and receipts for expenses
  • Bank statements and loan statements
  • Details of payments made to employees
  • Details of Debtors and Creditors
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