Company Tax Return Services

Completing a business tax return is a task that fills most business owners with anxiety.

Countable Accountancy’s services are designed to transform this stressful and problematic task into one that you no longer need worry about. We’ll ensure that everything is filed on time, that you never pay more tax than you need to and that you never have to liaise with HMRC.

Company tax returns explained

If you run a small business, limited company or partnership, you’ll need to compile a tax return and send this to HMRC every year. This is done so that you can both declare your business income and claim any allowances you may be entitled to.

Tax returns are often complicated and it is highly advisable that you enlist some help when doing so – particularly because mistakes can lead to fines and other negative financial ramifications. Don’t worry, Countable Accountants will complete your company tax returns as part of our monthly services packages (where prices start at just £25 per month) or, if you prefer, for a one-off fee.

What we’ll do

We won’t ask you to complete questionnaire or compile spreadsheets. All we’ll need from you is the relevant paperwork which you can send to us via our app, email or freepost.

Once we’ve receive your paperwork, we’ll:

  • Ensure we have everything needed to complete your tax return (we’ll be in touch if we don’t).
  • Work out your tax bill and, whenever possible, propose ways of reducing it.
  • Complete your CT600 or SA800 tax return and file it with HMRC.
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