Whether you’re a writer, producer, consultant or any other type of freelancer, we think it’s safe to say that dealing with tax and keeping a track of your finances isn’t exactly the best part of your job. What’s more, adhering to your legal obligations regarding tax is difficult and the consequences for failing to do so include substantial fines!

Is DIY accountancy the way to go?

We understand the motivation to buy some bookkeeping software and try to manage your tax yourself in order to save some money, we really do. The thing is, the amount of time you spend doing this would certainly be better spent working and earning – particularly as it’s bound to be a time-consuming task.

Even freelancers that maintain their records and visit a solicitor when their tax bill is due are unlikely to see any benefits: you’ll have no idea what you owe the taxman and will face increased fees as a result of your accountant needing to sift through your documents.

There is a better way!

We’ll maintain your books and provide you with detailed, bespoke monthly advice and our prices start at just £25 per month. Come the end of the year, we’ll complete your end of year accounts and your tax returns.

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