New Businesses

I've started a new business

So, you’ve started your own business.

First things first, we salute you; starting your own business takes guts and, what’s more, greatly benefits local communities.

Owning and running a business can also be incredibly fulfilling but, sadly, there are any number of companies out there whose claims that their B2B services hold the key to success are ultimately, whilst extremely convincing, untrue.

So, let’s clear one thing up straight away: our services are not going to transform a bad business idea into a good one or instantly make your business profitable. What they will do is ensure that your business is in the best financial position it possibly can be.

The problem with waiting

Traditionally, new businesses have looked to employ accountants after one year of trading and, whilst this can make sense on the face of things, it’s often a false economy.

The problem with only enlisting help near the end of your first year is that, as your books are unlikely to be in the best order possible and it’s inevitable that this negatively impacts your end-of-year tax bill. Bring in an accountant at the start, and this bill is likely to be significantly lower – and don’t forget that our services start at just £25 per month.

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