Small Businesses

Small Businesses

However small your business may be, you’re going to need an accountant

Whatever your business does and however you’re setup, a good accountant will save you money and time. Sadly, with accountants typically charging large fees, the benefits haven’t always been obvious.

As a result, many small businesses purchase bookkeeping software and, come the end of the tax year, take their figures to an accountant, the end result being two large bills: one from the taxman and the other from the accountant.

What’s the alternative?

Countable Accountancy will offer you the services of an experienced accountant from just £25 per month.

As part of our service, we’ll maintain your books and provide you with customised advice each and every month – all designed to reduce your final tax bill. All you have to do is send us a few documents.

What’s more, when the tax year ends, we’ll draft everything you’ll need on your behalf. Basically, we take care of everything and, just to reiterate, do all of this from just £25 per month.

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