Time to switch accountants?

Time to switch accountants?

Is your accountant too expensive? Does their customer service leave a lot to be desired? Maybe you just feel like they’re not doing enough to retain your custom? Whatever your reasons, if you want to change accountants, Countable Accountancy are here to help.

Our services start at just £25 per month and, for this, we’ll take care of everything. Yes, for a small monthly fee, you can alleviate the headaches of bookkeeping, accounting and tax. We’re so determine to help you make your time count that we’ll even help you to switch accountants, ensuring a smooth and undisruptive changeover.

Is it time for a new accountant?

If you run a small business, are a contractor or provide services as a freelancer, it’s vital that your accountant adds value, but not all do. Here are just a few of the typical reasons people chose to come to Countable Accountancy:

  • Their accountant didn’t provide advice.
  • Their accountant provided poor customer service.
  • Their accountant didn’t help them reduce their tax bill.
  • Their accountant lacked financial knowledge.
  • Their accountant didn’t make the effort to understand their business.

We could list more and more reasons, but we know your time is precious, so let’s get to the point: we’ll save you time and money; all you’ll need to do is send us a few documents each month.

We’ll even help you switch

Changing your account is easy with us! Simply get in touch for a quote and we’ll:

  • Contact your current accountant to inform them you’re leaving.
  • Assign you a dedicated accountant to assist with transferring your accounts.
  • Deal with your bookkeeping, tax, accounts and HMRC.

So, we’ll take care of it all whilst you carry on running your business safe in the knowledge that your accounts, bookkeeping and taxes are in good hands.

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