VAT Returns

Like it or not, all businesses need to submit VAT returns – and preparing them is difficult; very difficult! Why not let Countable Accountancy take care of it for you?

A bit more about VAT returns

As a VAT-registered business, you’ll be required to send HMRC a VAT return every month, quarter or year. In simple terms, your VAT return is calculated by deducting the VAT you can claim back from the VAT you’ve charged on your sales.  Your completed VAT return will state either an amount that is owed to HMRC or that HMRC owe your business.

In some cases, VAT returns are easily completed and can be done in-house. Most of the time it pays to have them completed by a professional.

What we do

Countable Accountancy will take care of your VAT return as part of our monthly package – with prices starting at just £25 per month. By letting us handle your VAT return, you’ll have more time to run your business and we’ll:

  • Review your bookkeeping records, ensuring everything that’s required is available.
  • Ensure your business has claimed all the VAT it’s charged.
  • We provide you with the documentation you’ll need to file with HMRC.
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