Year End Accounts

Compiling everything and then completing your end-of-year taxes is a gargantuan task – one that we know business owners would rather avoid.

Countable Accountancy has some good news: we take the stress out of the end of the financial year by simplifying the process and dealing with everything for you. We do this as part of our monthly service (where costs start at just £25 per month) or, alternatively, on a one-off basis for a single fee.

What are year end accounts?

Every registered business, however big or small it may be, is legally required to prepare and submit completed accounts to HMRC and Companies House at the end of the financial year.

This is widely known as a time of year where stress and anxiety hit peak levels but, with Countable Accountancy, it’s just like any other day or week – all we need are your sales invoices, paperwork for your purchases and expenses, and your bank statements for the year.

What we’ll do

Look, we know you’re in business to make money and, if you’re considering handling your end of year accounts yourself, we wouldn’t blame you. That said, we would warn you: a single mistake could lead to you being fined, paying too much tax or missing out on benefits you’re entitled to.

When we’ll complete everything you’ll need for a nominal fee and ensure everything is completed to the highest standard – preventing you from a few sleepless nights in the process – why take the risk? Here’s what we do:

  • We’ll review your bookkeeping records or, if necessary, compile them for you.
  • We’ll compile the figures, do the maths and create a full set of accounts.
  • We’ll check these accounts thoroughly.
  • We’ll produce a tax return.
  • We’ll send you the files to check and sign off.
  • We’ll submit everything to HMRC and Companies House.
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